PROVIRON (aka Mesterolone, Provironum, Mestoranum) 25mg/tab, 20 tab/pack

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PROVIRON (aka Mesterolone, Provironum, Mestoranum) 25mg/tab, 20 tab/pack

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PROVIRON (aka Mesterolone, Provironum, Mestoranum) - is an anabolic androgenic steroid that carries an androgenic rating of 30-40 and an anabolic rating of 100-150 testosterone. Proviron exerts 4 major effects - increases the level of circulating free testosterone, inhibits aromatase activity, enhances metabolism through direct lipolysis and increases and improves the amount and quality of sperm. It prevents the development of the side effects such as water retention and breast tissue growth; helps to gain lean muscle mass. Besides, Proviron improves efficiency, increases concentration and memory, eliminates irritability and sleep disturbances, elevates moods.

Increase the Level of Circulating Testosterone
Provide Growth of Lean Body Mass
Eliminate the Impairments Caused by Androgen-Deficiency
Prevent Aromatase Activity
Treat Infertility in Men
Stimulate Lipolysis

100% Original from the German Bayer This is not a cheap chinese generic replica in a plasticbag or foil pouch with unknown ingredients.
All packs are air tight sealed and expire up to 11.2022.

The active substance of Proviron is mesterolone - synthetic, orally active anabolic-androgenic steroid. It increases the level of circulating free testosterone by binding to sex-hormone-binding-globulin (SHBG). Mesterolone inhibits the action of aromatase enzyme, thus preventing the development of gynecomastia. Due to its strong binding affinity to the androgen receptor mesterolone stimulates lipolysis. And it does not suppress gonadotropins, which enhances spermatogenesis.

Proviron comes in the form of tablets for oral administration. Active substance: mesterolone - 25mg.

Androgen deficiency: the total dosing starts at 75mg/day and slowly reduces to 25-50mg/day;
Increase performance capacity: 50-150mg/day for 8-12 weeks.

Store in dry place at room temperature. Do not exceed storage temperature higher than 25 degrees Celcius. Keep away from direct sunlight. Keep locked and away from children.

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